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If you are looking for km shisha Khalil Mamoon Egyptian Shisha or the modern style German, Russian and others hookahs in Australia you on your best shisha store.
Over 100 years old in middle east countries like Syria turkey Jordan Egypt Iraq & … they been do shisha and shisha flavours on a nice styles and good quality
Farida Hookahs , Khalil Mamoon it is the most popular shisha in Egypt
Babylon shisha it is a luxury hookah only in Iraq they make it and it been hitting the market in global in the last 10 years and many country today’s there make it many of it been made in Syria ,turkey and China toady but the special hookah under the name Taha Hookah

herbal shisha molasses flavours basic mufasa tobacco free
MUFASA Shisha Flavours
Exotic Flavors of Mufasa's Herbal Shisha Blends
mufasa herbal shisha flavours fresh fruit 500g

Fruit shisha no tobacco, no nicotine

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Discover the premium Herbal Shisha Flavours from Al-Mufasa’s.

Indianian Shisha Molasses Flavours in tobacco-free and nicotine free, available today in the Australian market.

sultan of dream of sultan premium herbal shisha flavours exotic flavors photoroompaan khalifa pan raas mufasa premium herbal shisha flavours exotic flavors photoroom

The premium range

Hookah and Shisha Clay Bowl

Manufacturer MUFASA


mufasa premium clay phunnel hookah bowl for hmd heat management fits all types of hookah one choice light line work with hmd and foil twe dark blue


Premium Clay HMD-Compatible
mufasa premium clay phunnel hookah bowl for hmd heat management fits all types of hookah one choice light line work with hmd and foil two blue

Phunnel Bowl

MUFASA Premium Clay

Premium Clay HMD-Compatible Phunnel Bowl

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One Choice Light Line PTY LTD COCOYAYA Titos Cone Funnel Mitti Hookah Chillum Bowl For

Shisha Bowl

Discover our collection of premium range of high quality tobacco heads/bowls to enhancing your hookah sessions with the newest designs

Hookah bowl

Buy hookah bowls online at Onechoice including funnel bowls, phunnel bowls, stone bowls, ceramic bowls, clay bowls.
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Hookah heat management

It is a hookah device that was specifically designed to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to Shisha bowls/head and also helping you when shisha smoking to get more clen smoking


HMD is easy to use simply place on top of your bowl, place your charcoal inside leave it for 3 to 5 minutes then it done your shisha is ready to smoke
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Get all your Hookah accessories for your shisha pipes. Our store offer top quality bowl, Silcone hose, Charcoal burner, and Phunnel bowls and much more from
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Shisha Flavours from TABAKU


The premium Shisha Flavours from TABAKU the Long-Lasting Shisha Tobacco Flavours


Shisha TABAKU is Australia's only online shisha tobacco retailer, offer legitimate shisha flavours.
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Mazaaj Shisha Flavours

From Best in Tobacco free Shisha Flavours we proud to offers Mazzaj shisha it is a Premium Herbal shisha flavours. Tobacco-Free & Nicotine-Free Healthier alternative to shisha tobacco

love 66 shisha flavour

is one of the top tastes of Mazaaj shisha flavour , that it is watermelon and passion fruit, but it seemed to use more than the aroma reminds passion fruit with flowers The taste is sweet The taste is sweet
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Get your Hookah – Shisha Flavours Our store offer top in the market for Shisha Flavour like al fakher, adalya, mufasa, TABAKU, Mazaaj.and many more

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Premium Hookah-Shisha store with renege of traditional Hookah & the new genesis for hookah with the new styling coming from India under name of cocoyaya. Vape as you like with list can satisfy every shisha smoker's.

Cocoyaya, is exotic designs made with intricate hand cut glass bases, stainless steel and finished with premium accessories

Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon™ is a hookah manufacturer from Cairo, Egypt. Since 1873, Khalil Mamoon™ has been producing hand-made hookah water pipes

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  • mazaaj love 66 Herbal Shisha Flavours
tom coco sticks c26 1 kg


tom coco coal hexagon tom hex shisha hookah charcoal


tom coco gold c26 1 kg


tom coco diamonds c26 1 kg


One choice Light Line offers a wide selection of coals.

Shisha charcoal 

Tom coco shisha charcoal

become world number one hookah coal s tom coco making many shapes and type of shisha charcoal to make sure you get what ever you need from one name Tom coco 


BBQ coal comes in 10KG box Hexagon shapes



Professional BBQ Charcoal


FIRECHOICE Square Professional BBQ Charcoal Premium quality 100% ALL-NATURAL PRODUCT burn reliably for up to 6 hours grilling & smoking and enjoying the BBQ with firechoice

special offer from onechoice for local restaurant around Epping in Melbourne

local shop's looking for wholesale prices to use FIRECHOICE in your shop or milk bar store Become a Reseller? Let’s Work Together! We would love to hear from you.

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