ONE CHOICE LIGHT LINE an Australian company specialized in Hookah, Shisha, Shisha charcoals, BBQ charcoal and Hookah, Shisha accessories. we do import our herbal shisha flavour under name Mazaaj and we are cooperated with MUFASA in the A Premium Range of Tobacco free of Herbal Molasses, Herbal Flavored Glitters, the 0% nicotine for all Cream | Stone | Jelly also

Herbal Shisha Flavours Hookah Molasses in tobacco & nicotine free find more from the link here 

Discover the premium Shisha Flavours from Mazzaj

Herbal Shisha Flavours Hookah Molasses in tobacco & nicotine free

We believe that a successful BBQ experience is a result of using the best materials in the market, That is why, we take pride in selecting only the highest quality materials to make our charcoal briquettes. 

Regarding  that we would like to bring to your attention on our flagship brands, the renowned FireChoice BBQ Charcoal Briquettes.



available in the market in two type now
BBQ Charcoal Briquettes FIRECHOICE Hexagon
FIRECHOICE – Square Professional BBQ Charcoal
Both comes in 10 KG boxes
100% natural with no chemical


To provides environmentally friendly products in the Australian market and to create joy for people that use shisha and its accessories.


To become the leading company that concentrate on premium quality products with a high response to our customers’ needs.

Onechoice light line offers for our value friends and customer

Onechoice light line offers to our value customer and friends special promo code for free shipping and great discounts you can use it on our website for all products and services in onechoice.com.au  excluding tobacco products

How free shipping works

We ship most of the products on flat rate but some of them are heavy for this they are not includes the free shipping on fixed amount, for all the hookah Shisha and accessories they are works on the free shipping condition, how ever you mix many types feel free they work on wight base if not pass the 5 kg it work

Please feel free to get in touch with use if you looking for special orders,or any needs

If you running a local business and you find any of the produces we stock interesting just drop us a massage in any way from contact forms or in mobile 0404041186 even whats app, we will tray our best to cooperate with you. We are proudly supply may local shop with quality products and on the best price to keep our people our Australian community happy with best cost and highest quality product. Specially the charcoal products as every one knows the Australian love the BBQ on it & the Shisha hookah smokers they use it as main items so we never accept and second level only the Top quality types we sale

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We take consistent decisions and commit to them personally. This allows us to work freely and more effectively.

We reflect on our actions, respect each other, offer clear feedback and celebrate success.

We acknowledge concern and identify inconsistencies in a constructive way. We act with integrity.

We trust and rely on each other. This is essential if we are to act swiftly and achieve our goals.

We are excited by change and open to new opportunities. We learn from our mistakes.

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