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We are an Australian company that specialises in shisha, charcoal and accessories.

OneChoice strives to maintain quality products, consistent supply to shisha cafes, shops and individuals in the Australian market. Furthermore, we value and adhere to our client’s feedback, in aims to enhance providing premium products.

Additionally, we aim to provide environmentally friendly products in the Australian market and to create joy for people that use shisha and its accessories. 
All of our products are of premium qualities and genuine high-grade products from tabaku to shisha heads. 


If you’re looking for a new flavour that’ll keep your hookah burnin’ and smokin’, then Tabaku SIGNATURE FLAVOUR is the flavour of shisha tobacco to get. 

With flavours like African Queen, Candyman, and Ti Amo – these are all perfect blends made in Germany and manufactured with Australians specifically in mind. 

The list of flavours in this collection is as follows: 

African  Queen • 16 flavours
Candyman • Peppermint and Lolly
Ti Amo • Melon, Watermelon, Passion Fruit , Berries, Menthol|
Black Mint • Mint, Honey, Banana, Virginia Tobacco Taste
Cleopatra • Lime, Grapefruit, Banana, Menthol
Sub  Zero • Strong Menthol


We specialise in Naara products. Naara Shisha Platinum charcoal is made from compressed coconut shells, it is made to last long enough to enjoy a smooth shisha session. Absolutely tasteless and burns up to 1 hour 45 mins with less ash than 2.4% white ash content.

We carefully source and select premium raw material of coconut shell to ensure the best quality in production, our control and packaging is followed through in fine details. 
Moisture is the prime threat for charcoal performance, to eliminate this we package our charcoal in plastic wraps and insert anti moisture satchel in each 1 KG pack.


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They respond in a short time when we suggest an enhancement in their services.
Jessica Sommer
I tried to buy many products from One Choice and I am satisfied from all of them.
Alex Johnson
One Choice is really a good choice according to quality at a suitable price.
Bryan Lambert
I recommend One Choice because of the quick delivery.
Kristin Foster
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