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High-quality plastic premium disposable hose from One Choice light Line the quality is really high you can feel it from the touch it is soft not sold means non recycled plastic with no smell of any bad smell from the bad cheap plastic,

It is comes with 2 mouth tips and a rubber grommet wrapped in plastic. 

Looking for a disposable shisha hose that won’t let you down? Look no further than our high-quality plastic premium disposable hose!

This reliable hose comes with 2 mouth tips and a rubber grommet wrapped in plastic and it is NOT 1.2 meters our hose come around 1.8 M , so you can enjoy your shisha without worries. Plus, it’s easy to use – simply insert the mouthpiece into the Shisha and inhale away! you will get the true flavour from without any disturbance from bad cheap plastic  Whether you’re new to hookah or an experienced smoker, this hose is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience.

So don’t wait any longer, order our Disposable Shisha Hose today

Random colours we send if you after any colours feel free to write a note please

Please Contact us if you would like to purchase a DISPOSABLE SHISHA HOSES in bulk. 

Get in touch with us on 0404041186 on WhatsApp.

If you have a shisha lounge, hookah cafe and restaurant you cannot fine any other houses in the market in same quality and prices,

When you try it, you can know what the different from others.

Premium quantity of disposable shisha hoses no smile pure colours not short hose it is 1.8 meters that can be more flexible when you service your VIP costumes.

SHISHA HOSES need to be not too heavy to get sure it been comfortable to keeping it in hands.

DISPOSABLE SHISHA HOSE must have no smell for not changing the shisha smoking tests.

Key features

  • 1.8 metres length not 1.5!

  • No smells!

  • Not easy broken or damage even if you step on it by mistakes.

  • rubber grommets include every single hookah hose.

  • 2 mouth tips include every single hookah hose.

Now in special every cartoon has an extra-long mouth tip bag for free value for $5 now available for short time and available in special promotions for vailed promo code holder

You can find also a Traditional Hookah Hose for Sheeshas from onechoice light lint line from the link here

You can get it in wholesale price online today from the link here from 1 choice light line online store only 


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