Shisha Bowls

Buy hookah bowls including phunnel bowls, stone bowls, ceramic bowls, clay bowls and stone shisha bowols

shisha heat management device HMD and many others popular items to prevents burning the shisha flavours fast and controlling the heating on your shisha bowls to enjoy more smooth smoking 

Heater and Gas stove
Electrical and comes in two powers’ small one is 500W and the other is 1000W.
Portable gas stove, it is easy to use everywhere

Range of high-quality hoses traditional leather, modern silicone, washable and one time disposable hookah hoses
best quality ice hose set and handle only are available

Range of high-quality  Hookah Bases & Vases Collection for traditional and  modern shisha 

Explore our selection for other shisha items that’s needed to get more clen smoking same as Disposable mouth tips, and other every time time items as shisha foil and more


From Shisha tongs, Heat management (HMD), coal burner, Shisha foil, Flavour saver screen / mash, Disposable mouth tips, Disposable Shisha hose, Hookah bowl, and many more items. To make us sure we can satisfy the biggest range of hookah lover around Australia.

Explore our selection for shisha accessories that’s designed to add new look for your hookah experience and enhance the smoking experience.

With a comprehensive list of new parts for shisha bought it for by Onechoice Light Line from many suppliers around the world to help you to satisfy in your smoking season

Get all your Hookah accessories online today one choice online store, we ship to Australia wide.


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