Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cube Cocoshisha

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Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cube Cocoshisha shisha charcoal


 Shisha Charcoal brand introduces their premium ‘Titanium’ product

boasting less than 2% ash, odorless, tasteless & burns for more than 2 hours. This product consists of a Cube Shape,

Looking for quality shisha Titanium Charcoal cube that will last longer and leave little ash? Look no further than Coco Shisha Titanium ,

  made from natural coconut shell coals and burn for around  two hours. They’re also Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy your shisha without worrying about the impact on the planet. And because they’re odorless and tasteless, they won’t affect the flavour of your tobacco. So why not give the Titanium a try? You won’t be disappointed.

titanium hookah charcoal cube cocoshisha
titanium hookah charcoal cube cocoshisha


Cocoshisha Titanium Shisha Charcoal in general

is a high-quality and reliable option for hookah enthusiasts.

Made from coconut shells, these cubes are environmentally friendly and produce minimal ash.

They also burn evenly and for a long time, providing a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience.

The titanium coating on the cubes ensures that they do not spark or emit any harmful fumes, making them safe to use indoors or outdoors.

Overall, the Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cube Cocoshisha is a great choice for anyone looking for a top-notch hookah charcoal.

The Titanium Cocoshisha

-100% natural coconut shell

-Provides an even burn

-Produces very little smoke

-Perfect for use in any hookah session

-Easy to light and easy to use.

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1 Kg Box Coco Shisha TITANIUM coal

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