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Shisha Tabaku Love 66

Menthol is a substance naturally found in mint plants, such as peppermint and spearmint. A shisha tobacco component gives this burning sensation to the throat, perfect for those who enjoy intense shisha flavours.

Recommended Mix with Shisha Tabaku Love66

50 Love 66 / 50 Ti Amo
50 Love 66 / 50 Chocolate Watermelon
50 Love 66 / 50 Blue Haze


Type of Tobacco Leaf for Shisha Tabaku Love 66

Blond Leaf ( Flue-cured Virginia Tobacco)

Why Shisha Tabaku flavours Love 66 is better option than adalya love 66

Shisha Tabaku Love 66 flavor

Shisha Tabaku Love 66 flavor  (shisha tobacco available in Australia that is legally imported, providing customers with legitimate shisha flavours) & Tabaku flavours always available for the costumers in the market in same premium quality and price range.

Adalya flavours love 66 ( adalya love66 )

Adalya love66 imported to Australia ! ? ? that why not always available in the market and not always in same quality or price range.

So if you love shisha smoking and you enjoy it do you happy to smoke always premium quality or you leave it to your chance by get sometime something good or getting old or not original products ? or getting always premium quality fresh shisha!  

If you are in shisha business you like getting premium quality and all of your costumers can get only good item’s? every time same also you stock as you need for  a few weeks  or when OR you have to get big order if you find good products to serve good products or get from any suppler and always you get complain from costumers because one time is good and others are bad products and you lose money and costumers?

It is so easy not stress with it you can call us on ( 0404041186) we happy to help 


You must be a minimum age of 18 years to purchase this product.

We do reserve the right to ask for ID to verify your age before we dispatch this product.

By purchasing this product, you authorize us to add your Flavour to your Tabaku Leaf prior to delivery.

You CAN quit smoking. Call QUIT LINE 13 7848, talk to your doctor or pharmacist or visit www.quitnow.gov.au

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